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Who knows what this will become, if anything. I'd like to, if nothing else, document some of my thinking about education and share some of the things I've been creating...

What Time is It? Notebook Time!

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We are singing Hamilton as we read today’s fantastic, deep-dive guest post from Scott Bayer, an English Language Arts (ELA) Instructional Specialist for grades 6-12 in Montgomery County, Maryland. He has taught high school English for 16 years and is passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences for students, teaching a more inclusive reading list, and developing student agency, voice, passion, and curiosity. You can find him on Twitter: @Lyricalswordz

Even though students have always written in my class, I’ve always known that they’ve needed to write more and in different ways. When I first started teaching, I was stuck in traditional modes—ones that I learned from my own experiences as a student in school: students wrote what I told them to write, and then I graded their work.

As my craft evolved, so did my classroom. I began to have kids write in various ways during class and for various…

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But What if They Don’t Read All the Words?

We put too much energy put into monitoring if students are reading all the words: reading logs, reading journals, or the worst of the lot, reading quizzes. Which of these creates life-long readers and which destroys them? From a very young age, students recognize the fact they are being asked to prove they read, and they resent us for it. And they resent books for it. What could be more sad than that?